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Marine Corps Auto Shipping – Military Auto Transport.

An exclusive service provided by Car Shipping Pros’ military auto shipping dept


Shipping your vehicle is the most cost effective and safest way to get your vehicle home. Not only do you save on fuel, but avoid damages and unnecessary mileage due to a long distance drive. Avoid wear and tear, possible speeding tickets and accidents. Rental car fees can also be costly and the effort of driving is simply not safe. Ask yourself can you afford not to ship after being given a leave date or deployment orders? Absolutely not so call today and get home safely. 1-888-389-9927 We are open 9-9 Mon-Fri.

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Exotic or classic car transport deserves a lot more care and attention than any other vehicle. Transport your POV in an enclosed carrier not exposed to the elements. Protecting it from dirt, weather, and debris in an enclosed carrier will ensure your car arrives in pristine condition home, still with the new car shine on.

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The Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico auto shipping experts! Moving overseas can turn into quite the hassle. Leave it up to Car Shipping Pros to handle the entire ordeal for you. Vehicle pick up near base and prompt and safe delivery outside base. Hassle free, stress free and literally smooth sailing! Get home today!

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Marine Corps Auto Shipping and military auto transport when on leave and deployed.